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About Construction Allies

Grounded by a strong moral compass, and fueled by a life-long passion for design and construction, Construction Allies is focused on helping clients achieve and exceed their construction goals.

Construction Allies, Nationwide Commercial Construction ConsultationEric Stern – FounderIn November of 2016, Construction Allies was founded by Eric Stern. After 10+ years in commercial construction, in both private and public sectors. Although there are vast differences between private and public he knew that one thing was certain. There is always something that can be done to maximize a budget.My name is Eric Stern, and I am the Founder of Construction Allies LLC. I have over 10 years of experience in the construction industry, ranging from fieldwork as a Laborer, to private and public-sector procurement, contract administration, and project management. I believe that the only way to truly have an expert on your side is to have a third party involved that is not paid on the cost per square foot or a percentage of your budget.Time and time, again I have seen money either go unspent, or worse yet, be paid unnecessarily. This can be caused by misguided process, accidental billing, or any of the many other reasons.

I have many years in the commercial construction industry with experience ranging from Laborer in the field for a large General Contractor to Contracts Administrator for a Public University with an active portfolio size valued over $1b.

To provide cost-effective consultative services that directly support your immediate mission and future needs.

To achieve ethical maximization and take your dollar further.